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pancake day


happy pancake day folks!
This is an example of the mess I created, wholemeal pancakes with coconut vanilla yogurt and sour cherry syrup.

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‘menemen’ in Istanbul

Classic breakfast in old Istanbul.
Menemen can be found all over this city and is eaten by all classes of people, from up market cafes, to local eateries and canteens. And of course, at home, where it’s a staple breakfast specialty consisting of gooey egg, onion, green peppers, tomato and over dosages of black pepper, paprika and cumin, sometimes topped with sharp and salty kashar cheese. Along with fresh crusty bread and black Turkish tea, this takes me back to my morning strolls and weekly breakfasts at work during the Summer – back to  a time when this photograph was taken at Cafe Vodina in my favorite Istanbul suburb of Balat. Sigh.


sunken strawberry & almond

IMG_8196 IMG_8212
Another ridiculously sweet treat adapted from Kate Bracks’ The Sweet Life is my sunken and flourless almond and strawberry cake. Rather than using blueberries, as the recipe asks, I used what I already had – and ironically is cheaper – instead: strawberries!


radish red

ahhh…something about that colour!

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baby octopus

IMG_8086IMG_8081These babies were Sunday evening’s concoction, complete with fresh rosemary and thyme. Find this fabulous recipe here at Marks Daily Apple. 
I’m trying to get a regular handle on this blog. The support so far has been a blessed experience. I may have finally found my new niche…





Re-discovered the old collection of hand-made wooden bowls and plates my old neighbour handed down to my family a few years back.  I couldn’t resists a play around before scrapping together a beautiful dark chocolate mousse. And speaking of play, it was the simplest chocolate mousse recipe I have ever come across. Ten minutes top and I created something that tasted like heaven’s love child.

And of course it had to be a recipe from the fabulous Nigella Lawson, so go on – do it here.


breakfast pan


IMG_8054Just another invention on my Wednesday off. The cumin flavouring and crunch of the zucchini just send this over the edge…in my opinion, add a little or less of whatever you like. After all, inventions don’t have rules

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