chocolate-hazelnut macaroon torte

IMG_8806Incase it’s not obvious – judging by the photographs to follow – this is my first attempt at an any-number-tiered cake, a any-nut meringue torte, and lather generously in whipped cream – neatly. Not obvious?  Oh you are too kind!
But my goodness there has to be a food God out there. And they would rename this cake Ferrero Rocher on high. The minute I saw this recipe posted on Smitten Kitchen – a favey food blog of mine – I was  running, MacBook in hand, towards my kitchen. Try not to run with the screen open. Or  don’t look at the screen.
You can find the stunning recipe adapted from Epicuros on Deb’s blog here and find my no-where-near-replica-at-least-you-tried-version of photographs after the jump. Mouth water over hers, and be sure to come back and point out where I needed improvements. I’ll even give you the answers, *cough* stack your meringues in line? *cough*

However, I am stealing brownie points for originating the crushed pistachio finish.